everyone remembers their first kiss

So I attempted to draw one of my favorite characters from Teen Wolf. But this Dylan O’Brien was inspired by his role in The Internship. He seems to pull off that sexy nerd look with his glasses and beanie which I’m a total sucker for. 

First ever post (sort of) of the love of my life, Zayn Malik! I wanted to leave just the drawing by itself, but because of the lack of colors it looked empty so I played around with textures and brushes so that it’s a bit more interesting (I suppose..) 

Hello tumblr


So I started a second blog for all things art! I feel like it’s really necessary for someone who really wants to do design/art professionally to own one of these art blogs. 

I’m not a professional or anything so don’t expect me to be posting masterpieces haha I just wanna see my progress throughout this year and have a place I can keep my work :) I need a little platform to post up some of my work too just for future references

-Farah xox

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